Gulf Prayer

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

This prayer was shared with us by our friend Ann. When Jane asked us to write something about the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and how we might help them, this prayer came to mind immediately.There are many prayers, many intentions, and many people working hard to help the birds, dolphins, turtles, and other wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf. The impact of this tragedy, we believe, will have an adverse effect on the wildlife and habitats in the area for many, many years. While many are focused on the wetlands and beaches, we wonder what is being done to help the very Ocean and her many creatures. It too is a habitat, and it too will be impacted perhaps forever by this event. Oceans are an integral part of the world’s weather, and the plankton the very basis of much of the world’s food chain. This tragedy touches us all, not just hear in the United States, but all over the world.

How can we, inland in Ohio, help the wildlife not only in the wetlands and on the beaches, but the plankton, the fish, the coral, and all the living things of the Ocean? We think that we all can start with the very simple prayer that began this article. We believe that we can set the intention to connect with the Ocean herself, and every living creature with her waters – plant and animal. We do that by opening our hearts in love and humbly asking for connection to the heart of the Ocean and all living things within. We then set the intention for the optimal health and well being of all beings within the Ocean, and pray our prayer. We can also ask them for messages that they may wish for us to have, and we can be open to receiving those messages and sharing them with our fellow humans.

This does not take long, it’s something we can all do with love and hope once a day. It is a positive step towards offering healing to all living things in the Gulf. Offering healing energy, again after forming the heart connection, is another way we can all help. Those gifted with the ability to do distance healing can ask for permission to connect with the wildlife in the Gulf, and offer specific healing to them. We can picture the Brown Pelican and send loving healing energy to them. Fish are intelligent, feeling beings that could use our help as well. The same technique would work with them. Just picture a type of fish that might live in the Gulf of Mexico waters, ask for a heart connection, and offer healing energy and love.

We ask all of the readers of this magazine to please take a moment each day to do this, for the healing of our Oceans and all of her creatures.

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