Moving into the new year

As we move forward into 2013, I have great hope for peace and joy and harmony for us all. What I am learning at this time is the power of intention. We of course use this every time we speak with an animal, but I am extending/or playing with this in my personal life as well. What I am finding is that when I intend and then FOCUS on that intention. things flow and move.  I would highly recommend Mike Dooley and TUT (Notes from the Universe) as one of the better authors on the subject. What is even more amazing is that if my intention involves an animal companion, that animal seems to soften and move/flow forward with me. WOW. This is pretty cool stuff. It is almost like we join in partnership in that intention. So try it and see!

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Welcome to the Family – Now What?

We get a fair number of calls from people wanting to know how to introduce a new pet into their family, or with problems resulting from bringing a new pet home. We actually were feeling pretty good about our list of suggestions, which has grown over the years from personal experience, reading, and discussions with trainers, veterinarians, breeders, rescue foster parents, and other animal communicators. We have worked extensively with some of our clients to help them through the process. We have introduced new cats (which is akin to watching paint dry – a VERY slow process), dogs, horses, and even an iguana into our family. For the most part, things went very well. We did learn that each group of animals will integrate a new addition differently, so we had to vary our strategy not only based on the new animal, but also the family grouping we had at the time, and who thought they were head cat, dog, or horse. Continue reading

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Relax, Renew, Enjoy … Taking Lessons from Our Animal Friends

The theme for this issue revolves around relaxation and enjoyment as a way of renewing ourselves. Who among us hasn’t, as a child, enjoyed laying in the cool grass on a summer’s afternoon soaking up the sun’s rays? How about dangling our feet in the cool water of a lake, a stream, or even a swimming pool? Do you remember lying out under the stars trying to find pictures of animals in people? As children, we seemed able to easily relax into such wonderful experiences. As an adult, some of us think of bugs and sunburn if lying in the grass even pops into our heads! Or, instead of stopping to take our shoes off and dangle our feet in a stream, we think about possible pollution in the water, or about getting to the other side and getting on with our walk. Continue reading

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It’s Gotta Be Love

I had just come downstairs contemplating this issue’s theme of “Love and Relationship” when I looked over to our couch and saw something that very much reflected that theme. Our Basset Obi and our cat Diana were curled up together napping. A little while later I observed Lukas, our younger Basset, trying to invite Diana to play. Evidently cats do not interpret bouncing up and down and nose pushes as “let’s play!” Simba, our other house cat, later tapped Lukas on the nose, but it definitely was NOT about play; it was more about “who are you, what do you feel like?” Poor Lukas, he just doesn’t get “cat” language yet. Continue reading

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Celebrate and Enjoy

November and December are the months Americans set aside to celebrate and enjoy time with our loved ones. We have rituals around sharing food and abundance with one another. We make a point of enjoying ourselves, indulging ourselves in some cases (just one more piece of pumpkin pie, I’ll do an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill on Monday, etc.) Here in the Midwest, it may also be the human version of what the squirrels do at this time of year ‐ they uncover all the buried nuts and other choice tidbits, gorge themselves on what they can eat, and stuff the rest in their nests for the cold winter ahead. Continue reading

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Building Relationships

We’ve become much more aware of relationships in the last few months at home – relationships that are developing and changing – between various members of our animal family. These changes range from a budding relationship between our Basset Obi and our house cat Diana to a radically altered relationship between our two barn cats Simba and Sophia. We also had a wonderful opportunity to observer human/dog relationships up close at a recent AKC dog show. We’d like to share some observations and insights that we have gained. Continue reading

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Gulf Prayer

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

This prayer was shared with us by our friend Ann. When Jane asked us to write something about the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and how we might help them, this prayer came to mind immediately.There are many prayers, many intentions, and many people working hard to help the birds, dolphins, turtles, and other wildlife impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf. The impact of this tragedy, we believe, will have an adverse effect on the wildlife and habitats in the area for many, many years. While many are focused on the wetlands and beaches, we wonder what is being done to help the very Ocean and her many creatures. It too is a habitat, and it too will be impacted perhaps forever by this event. Oceans are an integral part of the world’s weather, and the plankton the very basis of much of the world’s food chain. This tragedy touches us all, not just hear in the United States, but all over the world. Continue reading

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We are often asked how we can “hear” the animals who speak with us. Last year, we wrote an article called “We Can All Hear” that talked about the process of animal communication. We’d like to revisit the topic of how animal communication works for us, and focus in on the first step in the process.If you think about effective communication with another human being, what is the first step in that process? We have to get that person’s attention or focus. We usually do that by addressing them by name verbally or in written form. I recently returned from a business trip to Phoenix, AZ and I was reminded of how we connect with each other when I emerged into the general terminal area and immediately saw several people with signs with a person’s name on it. They were obviously trying to “connect” with someone they didn’t know by sight. Continue reading

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Cats in the House

Recently we asked one of our long standing clients to share her knowledge and experience about cats with us. Specifically, we asked her to talk about living with multiple cats, and some of the issues that might crop up for their humans.

Kari is the co-host of WZPL’s Smiley Morning Show in Indianapolis, IN. She frequently talks with viewers about their cats, and has a feature spot called “KJ’s Strays” where she highlights events sponsored by Indy animal rescue and shelter organizations. She has long standing, active roles in both Cats Haven and Indy Feral. Kari also works part time as a vet tech with the only certified feline veterinary specialist in Indiana. Read Kari’s blog at WZPL. Continue reading

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Affirmations with Animals

Recently I began to listen to Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”® CD again while driving to work in the morning. I began to wonder – could we possibly use the concept of affirmations with our animal companions, and if so, how and why?According to Louise and also according to Abraham (a teacher channeled by Esther Hicks), affirmations (thoughts) create our reality. If we consciously choose to think positive thoughts, then we create for ourselves positive results in the future. A lot of the time, however, we think non-positive thoughts without even realizing it. This then creates non-positive results for us. Basically, we can choose to turn that around by consciously thinking a more positive thought when we catch ourselves thinking a negative one. Continue reading

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